CMU 95702 笔记大纲

作者 QIFAN 日期 2016-10-25
CMU 95702 笔记大纲

Distributed Systems for Information Systems Management(95702), Fall16, Carnegie Mellon University


分布式系统是CMU MISM的必修课,前置课程是95705 Telecoomunication95712 Object Oriented Java Programming,课程内容涵盖通信,Web Service,前端JS,Android架构以及XML,SOAP, REST等技术原理。

Instructor:Prof. Mike McCarthy,Prof. Joe Mertz



Topic Description
1 Characterization of Distributed System and System Models DS的基本特征与一些理论介绍
2 Server Side Programming
3 Networking and Internetworking
4 Cryptography
5 Web Services
6 Interprocess Communication Middleware, external data representations
7 Android Architecture 安卓
8 Remote Invocation
9 Distributed File Systems NFS, AFS, HDFS
10 Indirect Communication and Naming
11 Time and Global States
12 Transactions and Distributed Transactions
13 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing